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Attention!  Book your mare to be bred to one of our stallions or a quality stallion of your choice for a 2014 foal.  Please see our in-utero contract page.

Promoting your horse through Classic Sport Horses. 

Classic Sport Horses works very hard to promote your horse for sale. We have sold horses to satisfied buyers all over the United States. It is NOT exclusive to list your horse for sale promotion through Classic. In addition to our web site we use traditional and social media methods to promote your horse. In 2013 we will be launching our new Classic Show Stables Facebook page and starting our Twitter account! Our web site averages over 100K page hits each month from around the world!

If your horse sells through Classic's efforts, then Classic receives a 10% commission on the final sale. If you happen to sell your horse through some other means you owe Classic nothing.

When a seller lists their horse (s) through us a few conditions have to be first met

1. The horse has to meet the vision of Classic Sport Horses. First and foremost the horse has to have a good temperament. We focus most of our efforts on the English riding market (Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Eventing). However, we have and do represent some western disciplines. All horses represented through Classic must be in good health.

2. We reserve the right to reject any potential promotional horse who does not fit into our vision or mission.

3. The seller has to inform Classic about EVERYTHING they know about their horse. The good, the not so good and any other critically important information. We also need to know your asking price and your own bottom line price (which only Classic will know), which will help us get rid of any "Tire Kickers".

4. The seller must supply Classic with a few good photos of the horse. Confirmation and action photos are fine. We reserve the right to reject any photos. If the seller is close enough Classic can arrange for photos to be taken at little or no charge.

5. If possible Classic would like a well shot video tape of the
seller's horse in action. We reserve the right to reject any video. If the seller is close enough Classic can arrange for video to be shot at little or no charge. Classic makes all copies of the video to send to buyers at no expense to the seller.

6. Classic handles all telephone calls, emails etc., from potential buyers. If a buyer wishes to see or try a horse Classic puts them in touch with the seller and arrangements are made. If the horse is more local to Classic Sport Horses a representative may accompany the buyer.

7. When it comes down to the final price, Classic puts the buyer and seller together so they can discuss the final terms.

8. Classic also offers the option for you to move your sale horse to our farm. The commission rate and the board are reduced on these horses. This option has proven to do well as many buyers assume that all of the horses we promote for sale are right on our farm and they wish to come out and see them on very short notice.

9. While Classic works very hard to sell the horses they promote, we make no guarantees or timelines. The horse industry can be a fickle market with a natural ebb and flow.







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