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Attention!  Book your mare to be bred to one of our stallions or a quality stallion of your choice for a 2014 foal.  Please see our in-utero contract page.

In-utero Contract
Classic Sport Horses
is proud to offer the option of an In-utero contract on its bred mares. This cutting edge option offers the horse buyer an opportunity to secure "first refusal" on a wonderful horse. The best part is the fact that the buyer cannot lose.

So, how does it work?
The buyer reviews our mares and the stallions they have been bred to. In some occasions we will breed our mare to the stallion of the buyer choice (ask us about our “build a foal” program).  In order to do this we must have payment in full and there are no refunds when the foal is born. Please contact us for more information on this aspect of the in-utero contract.

For our regular in-utero contract, Classic Sport Horses sets a fair market price on the foal and then offers the in-utero buyer a reduced price as an incentive for contracting with Classic Sport Horses. That is a set price with no negotiating. The signed price is final. After making the choice on the match, the buyer signs the contract and makes a 20% deposit on the baby, who is yet unborn. That deposit goes into an interest bearing bank account and is safe. The mare receives wonderful, regular care and Classic Sport Horses gives periodic updates to the buyer on her progress. Our mares are well fed and receive regular vet, dental, and farrier care. The buyer is more than welcome to come and visit the mare at any reasonable time.   If the potential buyer backs out of this contract before the foal hits the ground,  Classic will keep 50% of this deposit and will refund the other 50% to the buyer.

We then immediately contact the buyer when the foal arrives. The buyer has 72 hours after the vet check to make the final decision on the foal.

We cannot guarantee the foal's sex or decide during that 72 hour window if this is the horse for you.

The buyer can either come in person to see the foal or we will email photos and video. If the buyer decides to take the foal, they have two options.

They can pay in full or we offer a payment plan. With regard to the payment plan the buyer may pay for the foal in full at the 72 hour mark. Or they may pay off the foal by 14 days prior to post- weaning and take it with them or they have up to 12 months to pay without interest. The foal must remain with Classic until it is paid off. There is no penalty for early payoff and no interest is charged on payments.  During that time of post weanling, the buyer will have to pay for board, feed and care. We can bill each month if the buyer chooses this option.   Prior to weaning the buyer will pay for farrier, worming and any vet care.   Classic will not charge for board and feed.

If the buyer decides to purchase the foal it is up to them to purchase insurance to protect that foal. Classic Sport Horses will do everything in its power to ensure the foal's safety before it is weaned or if it stays during the payment plan. During the time Classic Sport Horses has the foal, the foal will be imprinted, learn to lead, trailer, stand for vet and farrier, be exposed to clippers, baths and more and have a good groundwork foundation. After weaning and if the foal is staying with Classic, there will be a monthly reasonable board and training charge.  Each buyer will also receive a halter and lead rope with their purchase. The foals will receive regular vet, dental and farrier care.

If the buyer does not want the foal within the first 72 hours after the vet check, Classic Sport Horses refunds the full 20% deposit plus any interest that may have accumulated. No hard feelings. This just allows us to freely market the foal. The buyer is more than welcome to come back and purchase the foal outright if they change their mind. The price however does go back up to the fair market asking price and the ability to return to the in-utero price is not negotiable.
We accept credit cards through PayPal.

Classic also offers the option of “foal kindergarten” and those foals who we sell receive a lower rate for training/board then outside horses.  We strive very hard to work with the buyer. We will not breed, raise or sell any horse we would not want for ourselves. This information represents a general overview of our contract. Please contact us for the particulars of the In-utero contract option offered through Classic Sport Horses.

We have sold our babies through this method. More and more of our clients are using this method to finally get the horse they have dreamed of!  Please let us breed a Classic Sport Horse for you!!!

Thanks so much

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